Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Special date covers from Latvia

Recently I have slowed down my activities regarding stamps and covers but here are two additions to my 'special date' collection. 12-12-2012. Two covers with the same stamps on it - 2011 Christmas issue with face value of 35 santims and 5 santims coat of arms of city Smiltene issued in 2012. 

This first cover was sent from the post office near my office. This post office has postal code LV-1001.

Second cover I left in the post box and it received cancel stamp from central post office with postal code LV-1000
This Christmas stamp is from set of two stamps issued on 2nd December 2011. Number of issued stamps like this are 2 000 000. Second stamp from this Christmas set is with face value of 60 santims but only 300 000 stamps like that were issued. Artist of both stamps are Ludis Danilāns.


  1. Hi Atis,
    It is totally understandable that there are people who have blog sites and then goes offline for a while. Same goes for collecting stamps or anything else too. I collect stamps, but not all the time. It would be great to collect all stamps, but I bet it would be too costly for a lot of stamp collectors, hehe.
    I checked out my favorite online stamp catalogue Latvia and true enough, this stamp was issued on 2011, December 2. The other one featured is a cartoony green dragon, and a reindeer and Santa Claus were pulling up his bag of gifts onto the dragon’s back. It’s quite funny to look at. I am hoping you can come back soon and update this website. You have such a lot of stamps already.

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