Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three different cancellations from Latvian Post office / 11-01-2011

Only in the morning on the way to work I realized that it was 11th of January, 2011. And from philatelic point of view it was a nice date to have in a collection - 11-01-11. So I had to visit nearest to my work post office (which is also post office with postal code LV-1001) and make some covers. And here is the result - three covers with a nice date cancellation.

First one is cover I left at the post office which is cancelled by hand with post office's stamp.

The second cover is the same as first one (A-priority) only dropped in the post box where from all the letters are collected centrally by the central post office. Here you can see that the cancel is bigger and post office code is LV - 1000

This is the third cover. Also dropped in the post box and collected in the evening but you can see completely different cancellation. This is because this is B-priority letter. I must admit that this is the finest date stamp from these three covers. At least I like it the most.

So here you could see the three possible cancels that are available in Latvia - at the post office, dropped in the mail box A and B priority.

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