Friday, September 24, 2010

Photography on stamps

I can share with you two beautiful stamps I have bought in Copenhagen. When I bought them I thought that these are some kind of painting reproductions but now I searched for the authors and it appears that these two are photographies from two different Danish photographers - Krass Clement and Viggo Rivad

Reason why I noticed these stamps is because they stood out from all the others. I don't remember seeing much black and white kind of stamps. What is interesting about these two photographers that it appears that they both are autodidacts in the field of photography. And I must admit that they have learned this kind of art very good and the results are impressive.

Enjoy the stamps and photos on them!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cover from / to Sri Lanka

This is a nice cover I received from Ravindra from Sri Lanka. Since he has an interest in lighthouses I'm sending out this cover with nice stamp of lighthouse of Liepāja in Latvia. I also attached same mint stamp inside.

Cover from / to Spain

Below you can see a nice surprise from Josep / Spain. Cover in very good condition with two stamps on it - butterfly and a portrait. This will be a good addition to my collection - small size cover, very good condition and nice visible cancellation.

And this is the cover Josep will receive in response from me. I chose football stamp of 2007 because this year Spain had a great success in both - world and european championships of football.

Friday, September 17, 2010

26 definitive stamps on cover / Latvia

This was just an experiment - how much stamps can be placed on regular small size cover (C6). And here is the result - 26 definitive stamps on one cover. 21 with the smallest amount available - 1 santims, one with 2 santims face value and four stamps of 3 santims face value. Altogether these stamps make exact sum of 35 santimi which is the needed sum for regular domestic letter. 

Covers from Denmark / 08-09-10

I was on a business trip to Copenhagen and went to the Postal Museum to buy some stamps and send few covers to myself. Here is the result. And actually just now I realized that it was an interesting day for sending the covers - 08-09-2010. Unfortunately just on one cover the cancellation can be seen very good - on the mini sheet.

Anyhow these might be one of the last covers to the postal address you can see on the covers since I have moved to another place. If you want to make an exchange please contact me by e-mail. 

Cover to Brasil

Looks like this is one of the most wanted mini sheet from Latvia. Because this is already some fifth or sixth cover with this mini sheet. Sorry, right now I'm out of them. Will have to wait some time for new ones to arrive from post office.
As you can see this one is going to Brasil. I expect it to arrive in two weeks because this cover will have to travel half of the world to arrive in the final destination.