Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cover from Turkey

Nice FDC from Turkey with additional stamps on it.

Cover from India #4

Cover from India with five different stamps on it. The two largest ones are from one set - temples of India issued on 14th of October. They are the temples of Ranakpur and Dilwara. From the same year issues there is one more stamp - with the horse rider on it - issued on 2nd of December called 2nd Lancers (Gardner's Horse).

Stamp next to the plane is dedicated to DR. B. P. Pal. You can find out more about him here. This stamp was issued on 5th of January 2008. And the last one is the ship issued in 2010.

Cover from Philippines

In response to this I received the cover you can see above. We have here five stamps from two different sets - one is issued in 2010 - three small size stamps and two issued in 1999 - the largest ones. This is an excellent cover since the theme is common for all stamps - sea wildlife as I call it.

Cover from India #3

This is one of the most beautiful cover I have received so far. Superb cover and stamps. All four stamps issued one 16th of August in 2009. It is a full set of Indian Railway Stations. I didn't notice in the beginning but there is a mistake on the cover - the country name is misspelled it should be Latvia not Lativa but despite that cover arrived from India in 20 days.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Scott #210, fancy cancel

Two similar stamps, two different cancellations. But both cancellations can be called "fancy cancels". These are Scott #210. These are issued in 1883. Might sound like very old and valuable stamps but the catalogue value of used stamps is just $0.6. But the cancellations definitely increases value of these stamps. 

19th century, UK

This is SG 157 or Scott #82 with a cancellation that could be named as "fancy cancel". This particular stamp should be issued in 1881. Picture is off the centre of stamp but still everything is visible. Perforation is in quite good condition if we keep in mind that this stamp is almost 130 years old. Nice addition to my collection.

Covers from Lithuania #2

These are very nice covers I received from Algis from Lithuania. We made an exchange with quite a lot of covers and some stamps. Just enjoy the covers. Very good choice of stamps and each of these covers are extremely nice. Thanks!

Cover from Peru

This is a very nice cover with mini sheet of spiders I have received from Peru. Thanks, Cesar!

Cover from Algeria

Here we can see some very nice cancellation.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cover from Belgium

This is the first cover from Belgium. This is response to this cover I sent to Belgium. You can visit this blog and see how the cover looks like when received. Here I can see four stamps from two different series - two with the pictures of birds and other two from series connected with news papers and journals.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Covers from Lithuania

Few weeks ago I had to go to Vilnius for one day on a business trip and I also visited the central post office in Gedimino street. There was a nice small shop where different stamps can be bought. So here are the results. 4 different covers I sent back home.

Covers from / to Netherlands

I was surprised to receive this wonderful cover from Dolores, Netherlands. She used two stamps with the picture of Tour de France 2010. I am also a huge fan of cycling the same as the Dutch people. Thank you Dolores for this cover!

And here is what I sent back. A cover with kind of "national sport of Latvia" - orienteering. This is stamp for the European championship of Orienteering in Latvia, 2008. I also attached some definitive stamps. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cover to India #5

This cover will be in India in some few weeks time. Two out of four WWF stamps of bats that can be seen in Latvia.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stamps available for exchange, Latvia

These are - red one Sc #219, dark olive brown Sc#220, green Sc#221 and blue Sc#226. (1940)

Picture of Riga Castle - Sc#179. (1934)

Face value of 25 santimi - Sc#122 (1925), face value of 6 santimi - Sc#117 (1925).

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cover from Cyprus #2

I wrote already about this cover with trains from Cyprus. I mentioned that there are one more stamp in this series. So here it is.

Cover to Philippines

Daniel will receive this cover with two stamps on it. Both stamps are from one series - History of Latvian Rail-Road. The brown stamp with face value is issued in 2009 and green one in 2010. First one has 500 000 stamps issued, second one 300 000 stamps. They both are issued on the same day - 5th of August. Year is just different. In this series there will be two more stamps that most probably will be issued on 5th of August in 2011 and 2012. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cover to India #4

This cover goes to India. There are two stamps from the series of UNESCO Cultural Heritage where two buildings are shown - one in Riga and other in Wismar Germany. These both are cities of Hansa. Both stamps are issued on 12th of July, year 2007. Mint 400 000 stamps each.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cover from Latvia

This is a nice cover with four stripes of two stamps and one extraordinary stamp with design of skeleton. That stamp is dedicated to the Museum of Medicine. Enjoy. 

Cover from India #2

This is a response to my cover. Thanks Kumar! I haven't seen so small cover. About the stamps - these are two similar stamps issued on 11th of November, year 2002. Seems like it is a  castle in city Nagpur that was established in year 1702.

New issue in Latvia, August 2010

Today on 5th of August new stamp is issued in Latvia. This is the second stamp from the series History of Latvian Rail-road. You can see above one sheet of ten stamps with face value of 40 santims each and FDC with the special stamp. Number of issued stamps is 300 000.