Saturday, July 31, 2010

US dep. of Interior, 1879

This is one of my recent purchases on eBay. It is a stamp for the department of Interior, issued in year 1879. By that time different departments received special stamps for their postal needs and on each of these stamps were the name of department which is using it. This particular is Scott #O98 and its value is 3 USD since it is cancelled. Why I bought this stamp - because it has an interesting cancellation in the shape of cross.

Cover from Hong Kong

Cover from Hong Kong. Three stamps on it, arrived in excellent condition. Two of the stamps are from the series of Attractions in Hong Kong's Districts. As I understand then there are 18 different stamps from this series. One of these is Eastern District (Scott #1189) and other is Tuen Mun District (Scott #1203). All this series is issued in year 2006. 
The third stamp is from definitive stamp series with the picture of Collared Scops Owl. Also this stamp is issued in year 2006. And as Hong Kong stamp site states then there are twelve different definitive stamps with  pictures of birds. Nice.

Cover from India

This is a nice cover I have received from India. Baiju sent me this cover and in addition he attached this wonderful mini sheet from India issued on 26th of April, year 2008 - Jasmine. Thank you!

About the stamps on cover - these four are issued on 5th of October, year 2006. All together are Scott #2168. This is a full set of "Endangered Birds of India". This is really nice that full set of stamps are on the cover. 


The fifth stamp on the cover is with the picture of tiger. There are two types of such stamps - one with face value of 10 INR like this one on the cover and second one is with face value of 15 INR. This particular stamp is issued in year 2000 and according to Scott catalogue it is Scott #1826. 

In overall it is nice that all the stamps on the cover are from one theme - wildlife of India. Thanks once more Baiju!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cover from Croatia

This is a cover from Croatia that Tomislav sent me. These are the stamps from the series - Croatian Fauna - Freshwater fish. These are issued on 1st of September, year 2009. Without cancellation these stamps look like this:

I really like when there is a full set of stamps on the cover. And on this one it is like that and I like the cover very much.

Cover to France

This cover is going to France. Francois will receive it.

Cover to Turkey

Baris will receive this FDC from 24th of January, year 2009.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cover from Cyprus


This is a very nice cover I received form Nasia. These are two stamps from latest issue in Cyprus containing these two stamps and one more mini sheet with face value of 0.85 EUR showing the rail road of the island and train stations in Cyprus. Third stamp on the cover is issued in year 2009 and is dedicated to Refugee Fund.

Anyway this is one very nice cover from Cyprus. And this is the first one from this country.

Cover to Belgium

This one I like myself very much. This is a full set of stamps dedicated to the 800th anniversary of city Sigulda.  Everyone should visit Sigulda because that is one very nice and beautiful city and it is located just 50 km from the capital Riga. About the stamps - the one with face value of 22 santims is issued has an issue of 3 000 000 stamps. Two other stamps have an issue of 450 000 stamps each. These stamps are issued on the 10th of August, year 2007.
Thomas Vandaele will receive this wonderful cover. I found his blog and decided to send cover to him. The first idea was to full set of WWF bats but I found that he already has a cover with such cover.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cover to Hong Kong

Cover to Hong Kong. Two stamps from one set issued in 2007. This is a cooperation with Germany. There is a picture of two buildings from the cities of Hanza - one from Riga - Melngalvju nams, other from Štrālzunde / Vismāra. The third one is Krustpils castle also issued in 2007. I hope Tse Lai Kwong will like the cover.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cover to Mexico

Monica in close few weeks will receive this cover with two stamps from Astronomy series in 2009.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cover to India #3

Kumar currently is in the army of India. He is also collecting used stamps. That is why he will receive this cover with six stamps on it. But the biggest is dedicated to football. About all of these stamps you can find out more in my previous entries.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cover to Russia

Russia. St. Petersburg. Alexander will receive this cover with four stamps. Two of them are with theme of castles. One is issued in 2009 dedicated to the 400th anniversary of city Bauska and on the picture we have castle of Bauska. This stamp was issued on 10th on July. Right next to this stamp there is one self adhesive stamp dedicated to the 800th anniversary of another city - Sigulda. And also on this stamp there is a picture of castle only this time ruins of Sigulda castle. This stamp was issued on 10th of August, year 2007 and number of issued stamps are 450 000. There are two other stamps from this issue - with face value of 21 santims with picture of Sigulda New castle and face value of 31 santims with the picture of Sigulda bob sleight track.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cover to Cyprus

Nasia will receive this cover in few weeks. I found this blog and decided to send a cover because last issue of Latvian Post office was with birds.This stamp was issued on 18th of June this year with number of 500 000 stamps. It is a green crow or Coracias garrulus L. It is said that there are left only some 50 pairs of these birds in Latvia and mainly they live in Riga district in the woods of Garkalne and Zaķumuiža.
I added one stamp of 15 santims from year 1991 and five stamps with face value of 2 santims and 3 santims. Stamps dedicated to district Kurzeme are from two different issues - year 2007 and 2010. Anyhow I hope Nasia will enjoy the cover and it will arrive in good condition.

Cover to Algeria

Today I made two covers and one of them is this one. It will go to Algeria to Omar. I somehow found this blog and decided to send the cover. About the stamps on this cover - the main focus is on football because right now still there is world cup going on but since Latvia don't have special stamps for this occasion then I'm using this stamp. It is issued on 8th of September year 2007. This stamp is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvian Football. Number of issued stamps 300 000. 
Second stamp on the envelope is coat of arms of the city Stende. This one is with face value of 60 santims. Issued on 10th of January year 2009. Number of issued stamps 1 000 000. I hope Omar will like the cover!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cover to Croatia

First cover I'm sending to Croatia. Tomislav will receive this small cover with a mini sheet of year 2009. If we want to be precise then the date was 18th of March when this mini sheet was issued. And number of MS is 500 000 sheets. There are two stamps in this sheet and it is a part of a big project when different countries print stamps under one theme - Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers.

Somehow I wasn't able to stick the mini sheet very straightly but I hope that Tomislav will enjoy this cover anyway. To add necessary value I stick one more stamp on the envelope - issued in 1991. Little bit more about that stamp you can find out in my previous entry.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cover to India #2

This time philatelist with a name SYED from India will receive cover from Latvia. This time I decided to stick to theme "Latvia" and all the stamps are somehow connected with Latvia. The first one is with face value of 1 santims with a coat of arm of district Kurzeme. I believe this will be stamp that will appear on most of covers sent by me because the small face value gives the opportunity to stick it to any cover. Something similar is with stamp with face value of 2 santims - it is re-issued in year 2007 on 8th of June. Number of stamps issued 3 000 000. This is a coat of arms of city Auce. Third stamp from the coat of arms is with face value of 3 santims and with a picture of  Zemgale's coat of arm. Zemgale is also one of the districts of Latvia.

Then there are two stamps from the year 1991. One is with face value of 15 santims - national arms issued on 19th of October. This is Scott catalogue stamp number 302 with a picture number of A70. Second stamp from the same year is issued on 28th of December. That is Scott number 315, picture number A71. That is the statue of freedom of Latvia. And since we gained our freedom in year 1991 then it is natural that it is reflected in postal issues.

The last stamp is the newest one - issued on 4th of May, year 2010. Stamp is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of declaration of freedom which happened exactly 20 years before the issue. This stamp has a very nice picture showing Latvian flag waving in the wind.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cover to India

Long time I haven't written anything. But now you will see much more entries as I have two week vacation. This time I want to share with you one cover I just placed in the mailbox and now it is on its way to India. This is exchange with Baiju from India as a part of big monthly exchange event in 

This time we have topic of local wildlife. And I was lucky because on 18th on June in Latvia was issued two stamps with birds and one of them I placed on the cover. It is an eagle-owl (Bubo bubo L.) on this particular stamp with face value of 98 santims. This bird is added in the red book of Latvia and mainly it can be seen near the sea or lakes. What is interesting about this bird is that it can turn its head by 270 degrees. Number of stamps issued for this eagle-owl is 150 000 stamps.

In addition to that I added two stamps of face value 1 santims issued on 8th June of 2007. It is a coat of arms of district Kurzeme and in 2007 it was re-issue of this stamp. Number of issued stamps - 3 000 000.