Thursday, May 27, 2010

France, 19th century

This is one of the first stamps I have from France. A very nice addition to my 19th century stamps because this one is some-when in 1863-1870. I still don't know how to determine specific year of issue if in the Scott catalogue there isn't specific year mentioned. 

Anyhow this is a Scott catalogue #31 with the picture of A4. And in perfect condition stamp like this is worth more than $200,- So I believe that this particular stamp is less worth since there are some disturbances on the top of stamp.  

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Zealand's Multi-Cultural Society

Are you interested in exchanging covers with different collectors from different countries? I was very eagerly seeking for such opportunity and found one interesting web site - There is a group of philatelists who once a month exchanges with covers with a specific theme. 

And here I received a very nice cover from New Zealand with three stamps - Scott #1492 - The Maori, #1493 - British/European settlers and #1496 - Pacific Islanders. These three are from a collection called New Zealand's Multi-cultural Society issued on 18th of March year 1998. Altogether there are six different stamps. Hopefully I will be able some time collect all six stamps.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Filatēlijas definīciju noteikti varat sameklēt tādā interneta vietnē kā wikipedia. Bet galvenā doma ir krāt markas jeb ja mēs gribam būt precīzi pastmarkas. Vākt informāciju par tām, apmainīties, sūtīt citiem interesentiem, saņemt no citiem interesentiem vēstules ar pastmarkām. Ar nepacietību gaidīt jauno marku izlaidumus, iespējams arī doties uz pirmās dienas zīmogošanu.

Katram tas noteikti ir individuāli, cik lielā mērā aizraujas ar pastmarku krāšanu. Cik nu man pašam ir uzkrātas zināšanas par šo hobiju, tad var izdalīt vairākus virzienus.

Nedzēstu pastmarku krāšana - tās ir nelietotas pastmarkas, uz kurām nav zīmogu, kuras nav lietotas pasta sūtījumiem.
Dzēstu pastmarku krāšana - tās savukārt jau ir lietotas pastmarkas, kuras jau ir atradušās vai vēl joprojām atrodas uz aploksnes.
Aplokšņu krāšana - cilvēki krāj sev adresētas vēstules jeb precīzāk aploksnes ar visām dzēstajām markām.
Pirmās dienas zīmogošana - tā noteik parasti pirmajā dienā, kad tiek izdota jauna pastmarka. Parasti vietu un laiku izsludina Latvijas Pasta mājas lapā. Pirmās dienas zīmogošana nozīmē, ka ir iespēja dzēst pastmarku ar speciālu zīmogu.
Pirmās dienas aploksnes - speciālas aploksnes ar noformējumu, kurš atbilst pastmarkas tematikai. Parasti šādas aploksnes ir ļoti ierobežotā tirāžā. Bet ņemot vērā Latvijas apmērus, tad vēl ir pieejamas arī iepriekšējo gadu pirmās dienas aploksnes Latvijas Pasta interneta veikalā.

Divos vārdos tas ir neliels ievads par to, kas ir filatēlija jeb pastmarku krāšana.

New stamps in Baltic countries - April 2010

Two nice stamps issued on 9th of April 2010. Face value of 55 santims and 1,2 lats. Both stamps have 300 000 in circulation. These stamps are part of Europa series where all the European countries issue stamps with similar theme.This time it is Childrens books. So it means that either in this month or next Lithuania and Estonia should also have similar stamps.

World Expo 2010. Stamp issued on 23rd of April, theme - World Expo 2010 in China. What we can see on the stamp is a man flying in a wind tunnel. That is something that Latvia has invented [not 100% sure] and developed and can be proud of. You can try to google for "aerodium" in order to see more what is meant by this wind tunnel. But anyway there is 150 000 stamps in circulation and the face value for this stamp is very high - 1,5 lats. It means that you can send A priority registered letter to any country using just one stamp. 


On 10th of April Lithuania also issued stamp for the World Expo 2010. But as you can see there are no man in a wind tunnel but still something connected with the air and wind - a hot air balloon with the colours of national flag. Number of issued stamps or this time sheets - 37 500 sheets with 6 stamps in each sheet.

Second stamp in April 17th Lithuania honored Vladas Mikenas with the 100th anniversary. A very famous chess player in Lithuania. 300 000 stamps with face value of 2 litas.


Juhan Kukk. One of the heads on state. Nice design stamp and as usual for Estonian post - number of issued stamps 50 000. This one was issued on 13th of April.

Then there are two very nice looking stamps issued on 22nd of April - lighthouses. Two lighthouses not far from Tallin called Suurupi. So if you are a fan of lighthouses then you should try to get some of these stamps. I am so I am going to buy them for my collection. 

That is it for now. As you can see then in April I have much less entries in my blog but that is mainly because weather is getting better each day and my mountainbiking activities overtakes the stamp collecting. But I will make these monthly reviews for sure.