Saturday, April 3, 2010

Christmas in San Marino, 1977

Here I can share with nice stripe of three stamps from San Marino. Separately they are Scott #919, #920 and #921 but together as in the picture above I believe it is Scott #921a. They are not very valuable - just $0,9 but they are extremely good looking. 
The first stamp has a painting of Virgin Mary, the second one is called Palm, Olive and Star and the third one is Angel. Why I bought these stamps - just because they are not the usual Christmas stamps - these are two collared and differs from what I am used to in case of Christmas stamps. And I don't have any stamps from San Marino up till now.

Torino 2006, Latvian version

This is Scott #641 with the picture of snowboarder. Stamp issued on 4th of February, year 2006. Stamp is dedicated to the Olympics held in Torino, Italy. Actually I just noticed when looking at the scan of the stamp that there is a word "Snovbords" on the board and name of an artist on the right leg of the boarder. The artist of the stamp is Ingus Sabulis, number of issued stamps 900 000. Face value of the stamp is 45 santims. At least Scott catalogue 2008 value of the stamp in MNH condition is $1,6.
For the philatelists who specializes in Olympics this should be a nice addition to their collection. 

New stamps in Baltic countries - March 2010


This month there are three new stamps in Latvia - two of them reissued and one new design. First two stamps are issued on 12th of March. Unfortunately Latvijas Pasts are so lazy that they even cannot publish a newsletter about the reissued stamps. So I cannot tell how much of them are now in the market. But still these two stamps are - one with face value of 3 santims and with the title of "Zemgale" which is one of four regions of Latvia and deer siluet. The other one is with face value of 5 santims and with a stork on the stamp and title of "Staicele" which is a city in Latvia.
On 26th of March new designed stamp with Peony on it was issued by Latvijas Pasts. Artist of the stamp is Lilija Dinere. It is interesting that the artist has a fist name of a flower - Lily. Face value of the stamp is 35 santims and 1 000 000 stamps issued. It is said that this summer there will be an exhibit of stamps dedicated to Peonies somewhere in China. If you are interested in it try to google for more detailed information. But this stamp is going to participate and hopefully it will be evaluated well by the judges. 

Two new stamps from Lithuania in March. First one issued on 6th of March. Pigeons of Freedom. This stamp is dedicated to celebration of 20th anniversary of the independence of Lithuania. Face value of the stamp is 1.35 litas. Number of issued stamps - 300 000. 

Second stamp from Lithuania is dedicated to Easter. I must admit that this is one very nice stamp with a very interesting design. I hope I will be able to get some of these stamps when I'll go to business trip to Vilnius this month. Still the stamp was issued on 20th of March and number of issued stamps also 300 000. This stamp as far as I understand is called "The Apple Tree in Spring". Very interesting name and design. Definitely this stamp is my favourite this month from all three countries. 

11th of March - 50 000 new stamps dedicated to 2010 World EXPO. Unusual black background colour for the stamp. Designer Indrek Ilves. Second favourite stamp this month. Face value of 0,58 euro.

On 23rd of March - new definitive stamp with 500 000 new stamps.

On the same day as definitive - 23rd of March another stamp was issued - St. Caterines church in Pärnu. This stamp is also issued in 50 000 stamps. This should be a nice addition to mu church label.

And once more I must admit that Estonia think one step further than other two countries - they do think about philatelists and not definitive stamps they issue in very limited number so that in future they will be more valuable and demand for them may exceed supply. And you might guess what will that mean. And for regular postage there is a large number of definitive stamps which to use.