Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another stamps of churches from Lithuania

This month I already wrote about six nice stamps form Lithuania. Here are six more. These are issued in year 2008. These stamps are a set called "Wooden Sacral Architecture in Lithuania". Five of these churches are built in 18th century. Sixth one is built in 19th century - the one with face value of 20 ct. They all are self adhesive stamps. 
Nice addition to the church collection. 

Round football stamp from Latvia

This time I wan to show a round stamp that have been issued in Latvia in year 2007. On 8th of September if we want to be more precise. This is stamp that was dedicated to 100 years celebration of Latvian Football. Number of issued stamps - 300 000. There is a foot ball on the picture of the stamp and name of Latvia in latvian language. Also a stylish football player running and a ball drawing on the stamp. 

But why this stamp is so interesting? Because of its odd shape - it is round. And also quite big. Unfortunately I am not able to give Scott number for this stamp and also catalogue value. But I can say that the face value of it is 45 santims which is approximately a bit less than one US dollar. 
Any how I think this is going to be a nice addition to any philatelist collection. If you are interested in one you can contact me through e-mail.

New cover from Canada

Very nice cover with four different stamps on it. It is really nice when you can stick at least one stamp with flag so that you can see the country of origin of the cover. The one with the flag is Scott #2077 with the picture number A854 where the flag on the background of Newfoundland. Face value of the stamp is 50c. This stamp is issued either in 2004 or 2005. 
All the others are also very nice stamps but unfortunately I didn't manage to find them with the first time in the catalogue. 

Two new covers from Netherlands and US

Recently I have received several new covers. Below here is the first one - from Netherlands. This is already second cover from this country. The green ones have nice stamp with the date and city name of Rotterdam on them. The third one is Scott #B564 with picture number SP226. This stamp was issued in year 1980. There is a picture of a basketball player in a wheel chair. Looks like this stamp was dedicated to the Olympics for disabled people. 

The second cover is from US with a regular airmail stamp on it. I have received several such covers with stamps like this one and I must say that there is a problem with them just like with most of the self adhesive stamps - it is very hard to get them off the envelope. Their glue is so hard that it sticks to the envelope very hard and there is a chance to ruin the stamp when trying to get it off. 

3rd stamp from Colombian set

Scott #231. Not the best example of the stamp because the picture is quite off the centre and also perforation is damaged. But still it is unused stamp issued in year 1893 with face value of the stamp 2c. This is called Landing of Columbus. In condition like above this stamp is worth ~$15,-
If you will follow the label 19th century the you will notice that I am trying to collect full set of Columbus collection issued in 1893. How long it will take me - it is another question because stamps with large face values are also very expensive.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First 19th century stamp from Canada

I have already mentioned that I prefer old stamps, old and unused stamps. If you'll look at the labels then you'll notice one "19th century". Up to now there are only stamps from US. Now I can add one more and this time from Canada. 
This is Scott #51 with face value of 1c. On the picture there is Queen Victoria. As I understand the picture is "before" and "after". Anyway - this stamp is issued in year 1893 and have picture slightly off the centre. There are 15 stamps with picture like this - from Scott #50 up to Scott #65 all with different face value. This particular stamp in condition like above is worth ~$20,-

Saturday, March 13, 2010

First cover/stamps from Netherlands

Somehow I haven't thought about stamps from central Europe - I don't have any stamps from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland or Austria. Netherlands were also in this category until I received one order from eBay. And now I have first three stamps from this great country.
About the stamps:
First one is Scott #751, issued in year 1989, second one is Scott #739 called Holiday Greetings issued in 1988. And the third one is Scott #750 showing Map of Limburg Provinces. I think these are nice beginning for collection of Netherlands' stamps.

Old churches in Lithuania

Do you know where Latvia is located? Between Estonia and Lithuania. And because Latvia and Lithuania are only two countries who are using Baltic languages I do collect also Lithuanian stamps. 

Here we have very nice series from six stamps showing Lithuanian old churches. Or if we want to be precise then these are Old Church Belfries. These are issued in year 2007. I didn't collect stamps by that time. Because I started this hobby in the beginning of 2008. But I thing in some posts I already mentioned that I was in Vilnius and bought some stamps. And here they are.
These as you can see are self-adhesive stamps. I don't like self-adhesive stamps but somehow these look nice. This time I won't be able to name you Scott numbers for these stamps because I am using Scott catalogue 2008 and in most cases there are stamps only up to year 2006. 
How much are these worth? A lot if you are collecting churches. Face value for all of these together are 4,80 LTL. That is approximately $2,- How much of these are issued? 10ct - 2 000 000, 20ct - 2 000 000, 50ct - 1 000 000, 1Lt - 3 000 000, 1,30Lt - 300 000 and 1,70Lt - 500 000 stamps. That means that in perspective 1,30Lt value stamp will be most valuable.

Second stamp from Columbian Exposition Issue

Some time ago I wrote about this stamp. That was Scott #236 with face value 8c. Now I have second stamp from this series - Scott #232 with face value 3c, issued also in year 1893. On picture there is Flagship of Columbus. In condition like below this stamp catalogue value is ~$40,-

In this Columbian Exposition Issue series are 15 different stamps [Scott #230 - #245]. That means I need to collect 13 more stamps.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Costa Rica

This fine stamp is from Costa Rica, 19th century. It's first stamp design in this country with picture A1 - national coat of arms. But this one have red surcharge, that is why this is Scott #7 with market value $3,00. Scott catalogue says that used copies of A1 picture and surcharge is very rare. So if you have one - you should be glad. Any way this is one of few 19th century stamps in my collection.
About Costa Rica - did you know that this country is located between North and South Americas?

First stamp from Ceylon

This is first stamp from this country. Ceylon I perceive as something connected with good tea. That is because we have a lot of teas in shops with labels "Ceylon tea". But if you want to know something more about Ceylon please visit wikipedia. It appears that Ceylon is called Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
This particular stamp is Scott number 279 with picture A48. There is a series of stamps from A47 up to A57 where the design is the same for different years but only the King is different. In this stamp we have picture of George VI. This stamp is issued between 1938 and 1952.