Sunday, February 28, 2010

Air post stamp from Canada, 1928

Allegory of Flight. Scott #C1, issued on 1928. 5c stamp worth now approximately $12,5 in condition like below. There are imperforated stamps like this in pairs vertically and horizontally. And if you have such stamps then its values are starting from $225,- 

This is another piece of fine stamp that fits to my collection - looks and is old, nice perforation and picture one it. Looks like Canadian stamps are one of most commonly represented in my collection. First of all there are Latvian and Lithuanian stamps. And then there are US and Canadian stamps. 

Canada Scott #192 - #194

Approximately for a week I did not receive any letter and I thought that something is wrong. But then I received four letters with different stamps and now I feel that everything is fine again. And slowly I will make some entries in blog about these stamps.
Here I can show something from Canada, issued on 1932. These three stamps were dedicated to British Empire Conference held in Ottawa, 1932. #192 shows King George with face value 3c. #193 shows Prince of Wales - Edward, face value 5c. And finally #194 with face value 13c is called "Allegory of British Empire".

They all have "Ottawa conference" stamped somewhere on the stamp. And this is a complete series from this issue. Catalogue value for all three stamps in MNH condition is $33, in condition like above ~$20.

These wonderful stamps I received in cover with stamps like above - first one is Scott #1639, issued on 1997, dedicated for Nursing. And the second one is Scott #756 one of four different stamps from this series.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New stamps in Baltic countries - February 2010


Stamp dedicated to the Olympic games in Vacouver 2010. I have already written something about this stamp here. This stamp was issued on 5th of February 2010. 

On 15th of February there was a re-issue of coat of arm of city Preiļi. Artist - Elita Viliama, number of stamps issued - 2 000 000.
Next issue from Latvia will be in late March - from the series of flowers.


Coat of arms of different towns. Issued on 20th of February, number of stamps - 150 000 each stamp. These are dedicated to three towns - Šilalė, Jonava and Varėna. Face values for these stamps are 1,35 LTL, 2,00 LTL and 2,15 LTL.


This month Estonia was the most active one with issuing 4 different stamps.

On 2nd of February issued stamp for 90 years anniversary of Tartu Peace Treaty. Artis of this stamp is Vladimir Taiger and number of issued stamps 50 000.

Two days later on 4th of February a regular definitive stamp was issued with face value 9.00 EEK/ € 0,58 quantity - 700 000 stamps.

On the same day - 4th of February also stamp for Vancouver 2010 was issued. Artist of this stamp was Triin Heimann and number of stamps issued - 75 000. Here we can see that two out of three Baltic states chose skiing as a main Vancouver 2010 theme [Lithuania and Estonia] and one [Latvia] chose ice-hockey. 

On 19th of February - Lesser butterfly orchid with face value of 5,50 EEK / € 0,35. Number of stamps issued - 50 000, artists Ülle Marks, Jüri Kass. I must admit - very nice design.

What I really like about Estonian stamps is that non-regular stamps are issued in relatively small number which means that in future they will be more valuable as there won't be so much in the market. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cover from US #2

This is the second cover I have received in past few days. First I have a pair Lincoln Sc#1282 issued in year 1965. Then comes Progress in Electronics as Sc#1501 [year 1973] and Elizabeth Blackwell with 18c face value as Sc#1399 [year 1974]. Then the small one is Sc#1734 Indian Head Penny with 13c face value[year 1978] - now I have three such used stamps. Sc#4389 is the newest from all the stamps on this cover - issued in 2009 polar bear. Below it there is a  Sc#1787 Seeing for me. And as a bonus I perceive list of three stamps Sc#949 - The Doctor 3c issued to honour the physicians of America issued in year 1947. 
Very nice cover with a lot of different stamps that will now be added to my collection and will stay with me for some time. Sometimes buying stamps on eBay is a very useful thing - buy one stamp and receive 10 more with cover.

Cover from US

Recently I have received 2 covers from US with a lot of nice stamps on them. Here is the first one with 3 different stamps. First is issued in 1995 - one of twenty stamps from Sc#2975. Then there is 10c stamp issued in 1949 with post office building on it - that is Sc#C42. And then there is sheet of 4 stamps Sc#1397 issued in 1972.

Jefferson Davis is a bit out of context from the year of issue but if we look from the pictures then the post office department building is out of context for this cover. But still in general - very nice stamps that will be added to my collection with great pleasure.

Washington Sc#332, 1909

101 years old stamp remained unused.
In very good condition just picture slightly off the centre. This stamp dedicated to first president of US in condition like this is worth $16.

Classic British design

Lovely sheet with wonderful designs for all stamps. Each stamp design is unique and worth to explore. One interesting fact about underground map - as far as I found on internet then the map printed on stamps differs from real map of existing underground.
You are welcome to explore and comment some interesting facts about each design.

Latvia, Sc#1 printed on German army maps

Here I have a set of four first Latvian stamps that were printed on the back of German army maps. There are several types of maps - one most commonly used is like here with brown and black colours. Then less often seen is maps in pure black and white - those are valued more than brown and black ones. And the third type is with no prints on the back at all - those are from the outer sides of the sheets.

Value of stamps like these are ~$1,25 each. That means sheet like this with 4 stamps could be evaluated ~$5. I don't have information that there would be a complete map collected or available full map sheet with stamps. If you have, please let me know too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gipsy with tambourine

This particular stamp is Scott #652 issued in year 2006 with face value of 0,4 Latvian Lats. This is painting of Kārlis Hūns [1830.- 1877.] "Čigāniete ar tamburīnu" or "Gipsy with tambourine".

This painting together with other - "Bērtuļu nakts ainas" gave him the Professor title in Peterburg Art academy.
Scott 2008 catalogue value of this stamp in condition like above is $1,5.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vancouver 2010, Latvian version

This is Latvian version of Vancouver 2010 stamp. Here we have a moment from ice hockey game where our team is competing with other team. I guess the hockey theme was chosen because of our hockey team who will participate in tournament.
If you don't know then you can try to google for hockey fans of latvia and you will understand that we are very proud of our team and we are famous with our fans. So the chosen theme I guess is logical for Latvian Post Office.
Technical information - issued 300 000 stamps, artist - Ludis Danilāns, face value - 0,55 Latvian Lats (55 santims). If you are interested in getting one contact me.

Columbian Exposition Issue

Here I present Sc#236, issued in year 1893. This is one of the series dedicated to Columbian Exposition. Face value of this particular stamp is 8c. In this series there are 15 different stamps from market value $20 up to $10 000. This particular is valued $80.

This stamp shows how Columbus Restored to Favor. And all the rest 14 stamps are also somehow connected with Columbus. Now I can say that I have 1/15 from all the set of these stamps. Interesting how long it will take me to collect complete set?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Olympic games are coming!

Did you know that the Olympic games will start in just few days? Anyhow Olympic games I guess is one of the most collected topics among the philatelists. I do have some stamps from this theme. Here I can show three nice stamps from year 1992, Latvia, Scott #B150 - B152. In condition like this their value is about $3,75. They are dedicated to the National Olympic Committee of Latvia.

If nothing will change then this year Latvia will be represented by 59 sportsman in 10 different disciplines. I hope they will bring home some medals.