Sunday, January 31, 2010

New stamps in Baltic countries - January 2010


We have three new coat of arms of different cities in Latvia in January - all of them issued on 16th of January. Circulation - Viesīte - 1 000 000 Līgatne - 300 000 Iecava - 300 000 stamps. Artist for all the stamps is Ģirts Grīva. Next issue from Latvia should be for the winter Olympic games in Vancouver.


Just like in Latvia - on 16th of January issued three new stamps but here we have three from set of Famous people. This time stamps are dedicated to Jonas Karolis Chodkevičius, Jonas Jablonskis and Mykolas Krupavičius.
Lithuania is the first of the Baltics who issued stamp for Vancouver 2010. Next issue from Lithuania should be similar to what Latvia issued in January - coat of arms of cities.


Estonia in January was the most active - they have three new issues. Above we can see new self adhesive stamp from Estonia with circulation of 300 000 stamps. I don't know why but I am not a fan of self adhesive stamps.

Then here is a new stamp dedicated to Estonian head of state - Jüri Jaakson.This stamp have only 50 000 in circulation.

This stamp is irregular shape and in circulation 70 000 stamps. This is dedicated to European Figure skating championship. So if you are a fan of sports stamps or irregular shape stamps hen you should have this one.
Next issue in Estonia will be for the 90th anniversary of Tartu Peace Treaty.

Complete set of Queens from New Zealand

Have I already said that I like complete sets of unused stamps? If not that I'm saying it right now - I like complete sets of unused stamps especially if they are old - at least some 50 years so that they already had that "old look" of a stamps.
Here I have complete set of redrawn stamps - Scott #306 - #312 in absolutely fine condition, good perforation, original gum and still in nice colours. I hope that I will be able to save them for some 50 more years and they will look as nice as today.
These are issued between year 1955 and 1959 so it means that right now they are ~50 years old. And their value are ~$20. And it's strange that the violet one is valued by Scott for $11 in such condition and all other 6 stamps are worth as much as violet one.

Lithuanian basilicas

I started to collect stamps some year ago - approximately in the beginning of 2009. And I went to Lithuania to business trip and had some few hours to walk around the Vilnius. And here are some of the stamps that I found as by that time very beginner philatelist.
Here we have Scott #817 and #818 - two basilicas in Lithuania. And as far as wikipedia says that basilicas were and are also used for religious purposes then I attach to this post "church" label.

Face value of the stamps are 2,7 LTL which is approximately a bit less than 1 euro. At least for some 10-15 years value of these stamps will not increase.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fakes from Kyrgyzstan

A while ago when I found out that in US there will be stamps issued with Simpsons on them I search if some other countries have stamps dedicated to the Simpsons. And I found two sheets of Kyrgyzstan stamps with Simpsons.

Few examples of Simpsons

But now when I have the Scott catalogue I see that there are nice text regarding these stamps: "Kyrgyzstan postal officials have declared as "not authentic and not valid" stamps with a face value of 20s depicting the Beatles, Madonna, Pop music stars, Tiger Woods, 2000 French Olympic gold medal winners, Mushrooms, American Political Cartoons concerning 2000 Presidential election, The Simpsons, Superman, and Warner Brothers cartoon characters." And from this I understand that these Simpson stamps are fakes and there are a lot of different fakes more issued - maybe it is a start of a new collection?

Do you have any fakes in your collection? Or maybe you have the original US Simpsons - for me they are still in the wish-list.

US Sc#614-616

Finally I received these stamps. They all are issued in year 1924 - it's just 86 before today and they are remained unused. That is wonderful that someone have kept them for such a period of time unused and now they are in Latvia with me and most probably will stay here for some 86 more years with me.

Pictures in all of these three stamps are slightly off the centre but still they are in very good condition and as philatelists might say - with original gum or just OG.

It's a bit strange that I ordered these stamps from two different sellers - #614 and #615 from one and #616 from another in different days but they arrived in the same day. I think that might be a sign that they should stay together.

All three together in such condition as they are right now could be evaluated for approximately $25 where first two could be $5 and third is worth the rest.
As far as I could find on internet some information about these stamps the I can say that these represent the 300 anniversary of Walloons settling in New Netherlands that is now known as New York nowadays.

Canada Sc#226

Another great deal on eBay! This time 50 cents issued in year 1935 unused stamp in great condition. There is a parliament buildings on the stamp. Anyhow there are great details on the stamp and perforation also in very good condition. In general this stamp represents that I love about the stamps the most - it looks and is old, in a good condition and unused. Unfortunately I don't have a full set of particular issue but still I have a plenty of time to collect others from Sc#217-#227

Durbes castle in Latvia

Here I have two of air post semi-postal stamps from Latvia. Issued in year 1930. We can see on the stamps Durbes castle - how it looks like in real life nowadays you can see at the end of the post. We see that these two are not perforated and there are very visible watermarks on the back.
Durbes castle was built in 18th century and from year 1923 till 1929 in the castle lived writer Rainis.

Above we can see Scott #CB1a and below we have #CB2a. I don't know why these without perforation are almost twice as valuable as with perforation because I prefer stamps with perforations. They just look somehow nicer and definitely associate with stamps but these without look like some stickers or just some kind of label.

Still they are from Latvia, they are stamps and one day in my dreams I'll have complete set of all unused the Latvian stamps.

Durbes castle in real life

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Old churches in Norway

I adore those old buildings especially made from wood. And these two churches in Norway look very impressive. If you just think how do they managed in those times build such a buildings without modern technologies - it's just impressive.

Here we have Heddal Stave Church as #727 and Borgund Stave Churh as #728.



Children drawing from Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands - I have heard about them before, but only now I found out that there are approximately 46000 inhabitants in these Islands. I think in spite of small number of inhabitants Faroe Islands are quite well known - at least the name of the islands.

Why did I bought these stamps? Firstly because I already had a set of stamps from Poland with children drawings and secondly because I didn't have any stamps from Faroe Islands. And thirdly - they are just lovely.




I must admit that the drawings are quite good and point to the positive thinking of children. These stamps were issued in 1979. I see that in Scott catalogue there are some more children drawings from Faroe Islands - issued in 2000 with the title - Stampin' The Future Children's Stamp Design Contest Winners - #379 - #382. I guess that they could be added to my wish list and I have to start browse eBay.

Carnival in Burkina Faso

Have you attended any carnival recently? At all? Carnival for me is associated with something like you see in movies. Especially those held in Venice. As far as I can remember then I haven't been in any carnival at all. Some local parties or events with carnival undertone don't count.

But let's return to stamps. Here are 6 very interesting and nice stamps from Burkina Faso with the theme - Carnival. I bought these because of two reasons - colours are very bright and the pictures are very unusual for stamps. And second reason was that they were stated to be issued in 1985 - the year I was born. And as you can see then it is printed also on the stamps. But Scott tells me that these stamps were issued in January of 1986.


You must admit that they are nice and interesting or is it just my eastern European perception that everything that comes from Africa is interesting?

Latvia, 20th century

This time I want to show a nice coat of arms. This is #126 with picture A11. There are more stamps with this picture - with nominals 2 lats, 5 lats and 10 lats. Also there are some stamps like this with overprints of different nominals in roubles.

This stamp is in very good condition and the watermark can be seen very clearly. The picture also is almost in the centre of the stamp. I am not a specialist and that's why I cannot name precise year of issue. I see that in Scott there are period of 1923 up to 1925 when such stamps were issued. And for now that is enough to know for me. Because I don't know how to determine precise year of issue.

Year 1936, Latvia

First Latvian stamps from my collection that I am mentioning this blog are issued in year 1936. They are dedicated to writers, thinkers and intellectuals of second half of 19th century. Those who mentioned are A. Kronvalds, A. Pumpurs, J. Māters and Auseklis.

Atis Kronvalds

Andrejs Pumpurs

Juris Māters


Scott numbers for these are #180 - #183 /A23 - A26. All of these have watermarks - swastikas. If you own some of these then know that in condition as showed above they are worth approximately $2,75 each.

By the way real name of Auseklis is Miķelis Krokzemis.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

19th century - US #210 and #213

This red/brown is #210

And the green one is #213

Two very old stamps. Actually right now the oldest in my collection. #210 was issued in 1883. and #213 in 1887. As you can see then both have the same picture - A57. According to Scott there are one more stamp with A57 but if you own that one then you must be happy, because it is worth at least $175.

#210 is Fine-Very Fine in my opinion while picture of #213 is definitely not in the centre then I would evaluate it as Fine. There are some gum for both of the stamps on back sides.

If we speak about the picture - do you know who is George Washington? If not then I can say that he was the first president of the US. If you want to find out something more about him please visit wikipedia.

127 years - that old is the #210 and 123 years old is #213. And if we know that both of them are unused then it's a bit strange that for that long someone have kept them and now they somehow are in other side of the globe, far far away from it country of origin. And I think that they will stay here for some time.