Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bird cover from Brazil

I received this cover few days ago as a member of LCC. Not only the cover was so simple and great with full set of two bird stamps and clear cancellation but also inside was a great surprise - mini sheet that you can see below.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I believe this is the first cover from Argentina in my collection. Here we can see two different themes that I collect on one cover - sports and art. The biggest one is a souvenir sheet showing goal keeper caching the ball. I think this souvenir sheet is connected with the football world championship that was held in South Africa this year. This souvenir sheet is part of 8 stamp issue dedicated to this event. In this series four stamps were issued in sheets as separate stamps and four other as souvenir sheets with one stamp per sheet. And all of them were issued on 5th of June, 2010.

Other two stamps are with paintings on them. In the corner it is painting by Aldo Severi "El niño de Belén". And below that it is a picture of a town Iruya. Unfortunately I couldn't find information who painted it. 

Just one minus to this cover - again a lot of scotch tape on the cover. But in any other aspect - nice addition to my collection.

Show business representatives from USA

Nice cover from USA. I like when there are one theme stamps on the cover - this usually adds value for collector. Here we have an actor - Gary Cooper on one stamp and singer Kate Smith. If you are regular reader of my blog then you should have noticed that I received some time ago FDC with the stamps of Kate Smith. But unfortunately there is one minus to this cover - a lot of scotch tape on the cover. How do you feel about the scotch tapes on covers?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Olympics from Lithuania

Below you can see two latest Olympic issues from Lithuania - one from the summer Olympics of 2008 in Beijing and winter Olympics of 2010 in Vancouver.

Ships from Lithuania / 1997

Here we can see superb cover from Lithuania with mini sheet of ships. This mini sheet is Scott #572. Besides that this is also a joint issue with Latvia (Scott #444) and Estonia (Scott #323). Unfortunately at least in Latvia it is not possible to buy one from Latvian Post office. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Full set of dogs from Poland

Below you can see three covers containing full set of dogs issued in Poland in 2006. These five stamps are Scott #3838 up to #3842. On the first cover we can see two dog types - Polski owczarek nizinny or Polish Lowland sheepdog and Chart polski or Polish greyhound. 

On the second cover there are Ogar polski or Polish bloodhound and Gonczy polski or Polish hound.

And on the third cover there is Polski owczarek podhalanski or Polish Podhale sheepdog.

Nice set of five dogs plus some additional  to reach needed value for the A priority covers. They all were sent from central post office of Gdansk.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Special cancel / Freedom Monument 75th anniversary

Here I can show you two covers with special cancel dedicated to 75th anniversary of Freedom Monument of Latvia. Two covers - one A priority with monument stamp and part of monument on other stamp. B priority with two monument stamps. Special cancel was available on 18th of November - proclamation of Latvia's independence.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cover from Helvetia

Do you know what is Helvetia? It appears to be the name of Switzerland. Full explanation is available here. Anyhow here you can see very nice cover with clear cancellation and two stamps. This is great cover because of the cancellation date 10.11.10-10.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

10-10-10 cover from China

After 1.5 month this cover arrived from China to Latvia. It is a superb mini sheet and besides that there is 10-10-2010 cancellation date on the cover. This seems to be China Scott #2879 issued in 1998. Very nice addition to my collection.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First cover from Romania

This is first cover I have in my collection from Romania. Very simple but still very  nice cover with two hand cancellations.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Three new stamps from Latvia

Here we have three new stamps from Latvia. They are part of the series started last year - Republic of Latvia 100th anniversary. This time we have stamps dedicated to anthem of Latvia (98 santims face value, 300 000 issued stamps), flag of Latvia (35 santims face value, 500 000 issued stamps) and coat of arm of Latvia (38 santims face value and 300 000 issued stamps). They all are issued on 12th of November. And since the 100th anniversary of Latvia will be in 2018 then I believe we will see some more stamps in this series.

Here you can see all three new stamps with FDC and special cancellation. This time there is also regular cancel on the stamps.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three covers from Gdansk / Poland

I had the pleasure to visit Gdansk and Gdynia this week and here is what I sent to myself. First cover is with three stamps in a row - issued in 1999 and is part of the set of Polish manor houses. This particular stamp is the manor house in Krzeslawice near Cracow. This stamp was issued in 15th of June in year 1999. In Scott catalogue you can find this stamp as #3464 with picture #A1110.

Second cover is with two similar stamps issued in 1997 and one issued in 2002. These two stamps are Scott #3344 and the same picture number A1110. This comes from the same series as above - manor houses, this one is from Lopuszna. Third stamp is from the city landmarks. There are three stamps in this series and this is Scott #3623, picture number A1228 issued on 1st of March. There is a picture of cathedral of Gniezno and the coffin with the relics of Saint Wojciech.

Third cover is with one stamp with face value of 3 zloti. This stamp was issued on 28th of February, year 2001. This comes from the same series of Polish Manor houses. This is Scott #3574 and the picture of manor house in Janowiec by Pulawy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vivid cover from USA

Cover from USA. Four bright stamps, three big hand cancels. If the cover would be regular C6 size then it would be a perfect one. But this is a challenge for all cover collectors - different cover sizes. Anyway A+ from my side to this cover.

10-10-10 cover from Italy

This is cover from Giovanni. Nice and simple - especially because of the date on the stamp - 10th October, 2010.

National symbols of Brazil 2010

It always take a lot of time to send cover from South America to Latvia. For this cover it took two weeks to get here. Very fast.

France, EUROPA

Here I have nice cover from France which was sent out on 4th of November which is my name-day in Latvia. Also we have here special cancellations from 64th Fall Philatelic Exhibition in Paris. And this was second cover that I have received as a member of London Cover Circuit. There was a mini sheet inside the envelope that I switched to other. But I will post that mini sheet later

International year of Biodiversity / India

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First day issue from Korea

This is a first day issue of a new stamp set from Korea. Here we can see all four stamps of this new issue. Stamps are issued on 27th of October. 500 000 stamps for each design was issued. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Impressionism paintings from France

Excellent cover that I received today from France. There are two paintings from Pierre - Auguste Renoir. And now searching for this painter I realized that I have two reproductions in the form of puzzles that I loved very much. As I found out Renoir has been one of the developer of Impressionism. Nice.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Special cancel of Krišjānis Barons 175th anniversary.

Two special covers with special cancellation dedicated for the 175th birthday of Krišjānis Barons. Examples of both A and B priority letters. And both were received in the same time. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stylish cover from France

This is a cover from France, city La Baule. As you can see then there are two very nice stamps on cover and together with the view the cover looks just great.

10-10-10 cover from India

It took 3 weeks exactly for this cover to arrive from India to Latvia. And here it is now. A cover with four stamps from the preserve the polar regions and glaciers series and one with the picture of DR. Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy who was a politician in India. Thanks to N.Vignesh for this cover!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Superb cover from Austria

Superb cover from Austria with latests stamps with indigenous people. Impressive stamps and cancellation. Thanks Edna!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cover from Indonesia

Three bird stamps on cover from Indonesia. Nice cover, nice cancellation.

FDC from USA

Here we have wonderful FDC for the memory of Kate Smith - an American singer. What is interesting about this cover is that it took more than a month to get it from US to Latvia. But now it is here and added to my collection.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Post #100, FDC of new lighthouse

Just noticed that I have made already 99 entries in this blog and this is #100. Here I want to show you latest stamp from Latvia - lighthouse of Užava. It is FDC that I sent to myself. And as my colleague said - even I like this cover. Nice stamp, nice cancellation and cover.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tips and tricks for making a good cover

I have collected covers now for some time and have noticed that there are differences how different people make covers. Some covers I must admit is not in the best condition when they arrive and there are some things that a sender can do in order to make the cover better. Here are some tips and tricks that I try to stick with when I make a covers. 

  1. Would you like the cover if you would receive it? That is the first question to ask yourself when you make a cover.
  2. If possible, ask recipient what kind of envelope size should be used, if the address should be hand written or printed, what kind of stamps, themes would be preferred. This is just a good practise to make a cover that recipient would be interested in and would be a great addition to his/her collection. 
  3. Try to avoid non traditional envelope size - this is because for the collectors it is not very easy to gather and somehow preserve such covers. 
  4. Try to avoid using any kind of adhesive tapes like scotch tape or any other. If you want to glue something better then use regular paper glue. This is because any kind of tapes won't persist for many years and in future the cover won't be in such a good condition as it would be without tape.
  5. Don't ever send empty envelope! Always put inside either post card or folded paper or anything else to make the cover stiff. Because without anything inside the probability that it will arrive in bad condition is much greater.  
  6. If it is possible make sure that cancellation will be clear and precise - this is possible if in the post office you can follow the cancellation process or ask to cancel cover yourself. Unfortunately it's not permitted in my country.
These are the basic steps I try to follow. It is not said that this is the best worldwide practise but it's just something I have noticed that can be done in order to make the cover more desirable and valuable for collectors.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10-10-10 Latvia / two covers

These two covers I sent to myself on the 10th of October. But I had doubts if they will be cancelled with the special date because I placed them in mailbox from which mail is taken out on Sundays. That is why I was not sure if they will be cancelled on that day. But they were. And I believe that the result is impressive - two different covers with two different and clearly visible cancellations. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10-10-10 Israel / two covers

Two covers I have received from Paulo. What is so special about these covers? They were sent out on 10th October in year 2010. I myself sent out 16 covers on that day.

FDC from Austria

Another real circulated FDC from Austria. Edna sent me this FDC. Especially I like the handwriting of recipient. Cancellation also is very luxurious.

Felix Nussbaum / Germany

Very nice cover from Germany. Two flowers - tulip and krokus. But the masterpiece here is the painting "The Secret" from Felix Nussbaum. This painting was painted in 1939.

Cover from Sri Lanka

Cover from Sri Lanka with a lot of stamps on it. We have here two stamps of World Indigenous People's Day 2010.08.09 with cave paintings and some ritual dancing. Then two more stamps with buildings - one is the Faculty of Engineering - University of Peradeniya and second one is Royal College, Colombo. And besides that two more stamps - one for ozone layer protection and second one connected with history.

First cover from Brazil

Ricardo sent me this cover with set of polar stamps on it. This is the Brazilian version of Preserve the polar regions and glaciers. Nice. 12 days for the letter to arrive from Brazil to Latvia.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Issue plan for Latvia, 2011

The plan for year 2011 is now available and I want to share it with you. Looks like in 2011 there will be 13 new issues.

Here they are:
#1 14th January - Domestic animals - Rabbit - one stamp
#2 1st February - Žanis Lipke - one stamp
#3 25th February - definitive stamps - coat of arms (Ikšķile and Carnikava) - two stamps
#4 25th March - Flowers - Rose - one stamp
#5 8th August - Europa - Woods - two stamps
#6 6th May - Struve geodetic arc - mini sheet of two stamps
#7 17th June - Rigas' pfenning - 800 - one stamp
#8 5th August - History of Latvian railroad - one stamp
#9 26th August - Latvian harbor - Riga Harbor - one stamp
#10 23rd September - Latvian birds - Swallow and Snake-eagle - two stamps
#11 14th October - Modern architecture of Latvia - one stamp
#12 11th November - Republic of Latvia - 100 - three stamps
#13 2nd December - Christmas - two stamps

I would like to point out that we will have new issue on a nice date - 11-11-11 - three stamps dedicated to 100th anniversary of Latvia. Dates are not fixed but I hope that at least for the #12 it will be like it's is stated now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thematic cover from US

Cover from US with six stamps on it. This is nice example of thematic cover because all stamps have a picture of one person. And here we have starting from left - Sun Yat Sen / China, Churchill, Dante, Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Mother Teresa.

Cover from France / butterfly

Here is a cover from Jean-Pierre. Very simple but also very nice. One stamp with face value of 0.75 EUR which is a correct postage rate for EU postage from France. Also cancellation is nice and everything is understandable and readable. Cover from France arrived in five days.

Two covers from Austria

Thanks to Edna, who sent me these two nice covers. One is with the set of UN Transport + addition stamp of  museum. The second one is real circulated FDC with wonderful stamp and cancellation.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Photography on stamps

I can share with you two beautiful stamps I have bought in Copenhagen. When I bought them I thought that these are some kind of painting reproductions but now I searched for the authors and it appears that these two are photographies from two different Danish photographers - Krass Clement and Viggo Rivad

Reason why I noticed these stamps is because they stood out from all the others. I don't remember seeing much black and white kind of stamps. What is interesting about these two photographers that it appears that they both are autodidacts in the field of photography. And I must admit that they have learned this kind of art very good and the results are impressive.

Enjoy the stamps and photos on them!