Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Special date covers from Latvia

Recently I have slowed down my activities regarding stamps and covers but here are two additions to my 'special date' collection. 12-12-2012. Two covers with the same stamps on it - 2011 Christmas issue with face value of 35 santims and 5 santims coat of arms of city Smiltene issued in 2012. 

This first cover was sent from the post office near my office. This post office has postal code LV-1001.

Second cover I left in the post box and it received cancel stamp from central post office with postal code LV-1000
This Christmas stamp is from set of two stamps issued on 2nd December 2011. Number of issued stamps like this are 2 000 000. Second stamp from this Christmas set is with face value of 60 santims but only 300 000 stamps like that were issued. Artist of both stamps are Ludis Danilāns.

Issue plan for 2013

In 2013 there will be 17(!) new stamp issues. You can see the list below. As you will notice then there are many anniversaries to which new stamps are dedicated. What I am personally looking forward is issue from the series of 100th anniversary of Latvian Republic which will be issued on 8th of November in 2013.

- 11.01.2013 Coats of Arms (Vārkava, Strenči and Varakļāni - 3 stamps)
- 30.01.2013 Free theme (1 stamp)

- 15.02.2013 Modern architecture (1 stamp)

- 08.03.2013 Flowers (Iris - 1 stamp)

- 19.04.2013 Europa 2013 (2 stamps)

- 14.05.2013 150th anniversary of Pauls Valdens (1 block)

- 07.06.2013 Birds of Latvia (2 stamps)
- 28.06.2013 XXV Song and Dance festival (1 block)

- 12.07.2013 150th anniversary of the first stamp issued in Latvia (1 stamp)
- 26.07.2013 Pets - Cats (2 stamps)
- 26.07.2013 Latvian Ports - Liepāja Freeport (1 stamp)


- 03.09.2013 150th anniversary of Latvian Agriculture Academy (1 stamp)
- 25.09.2013 Marks Rotko (1 stamp)

- 08.10.2013 25th anniversary of Popular Front (1 stamp)
- 22.10.2013 425th anniversary of printing in Latvia (1 stamp)

- 08.11.2013 100th anniversary of Latvian Republic (3 stamps)
- 29.11.2013 Christmas (2 stamps)


Source: Latvian Post office

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Canadian diversity

I believe this was first cover that I received in 2012. In general nice cover with four stamps with cancellation. But the themes of the stamps is very different. On the right corner there is a stamp issued in 1988 Christmas set. It is Scott #1224 (Icons of the Eastern Church) named "Virgin and Child". Next to the virgin there is a Canadian Forces Snowbirds Aerobaltics Team. For others it will be easier to find it under Scott #2158. This stamp was issued in 2006.

And then there are two more stamps - one also with religious theme with the words "Seventh-day Adventist Church" and below that one there is a stamp with colourful stamp with Polistes Fuscatus.

Issue plan for 2012 | Latvian Post

I am back. And first post in 2012 is about issue plan from Latvian Post office for the year 2012.

  • 7th January - coat of arms of Riga, Piltene and Lielvārde (3 stamps)
  • 27th January - winner of Latvian Post stamp design contest in 2011 (1 stamp)
  • 11th February - flowers - this time Lily (1 stamp)
  • 17th March - Europa - Visit.. (2 stamps)
  • 14th April - 100th anniversary of Riga Zoo (3 stamps)
  • 25th April - 150th anniversary of Jānis Misiņš (1 stamp)
  • 11th May - ports of Latvia - free port of Ventspils (1 stamp)
  • 16th June - birds (2 stamps)
  • 14th July - Olympic games in London (1 stamp)
  • 18th August - 450th anniversary of Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (block of 2 stamps)
  • 23rd August - 125th anniversary of Friedrich Cander (1 stamp)
  • 8th September - contemporary architecture of Latvia (1 stamp)
  • 6th October - joint issue of the Baltic states - rail road (1 block, 1 stamp)
  • 13th October - 150th anniversary of Riga Technical University (1 stamp)
  • 10th November - 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia (3 stamps)
  • 1st December - Christmas (2 stamps)
Overall there will be 16 new stamp issues this year. And now it seems that quite lot of them will be dedicated to anniversary of something. The dates might change for the stamp issue. You are free to look in the original source of this information - Latvian Post web site.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FDC from USA, Civil War

Nice cover with special design, special first day cancellation. Theme of Civil War in the USA in 19th century. 

Riga's pfennig celebrates 800.

What you see here is a new stamp issued on 25th of May, 2011. It is dedicated to the 800th anniversary of Riga pfennig. Face value is 0,98 LVL which is the amount of registered domestic letter. If you are interested then know that there are 100 000 stamps like this available in the market. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

EUROPA Forests 2011 / Latvia

What you see here is the latest issue in Latvia. From the EUROPA series. Stamps issued on 8th of April. First one is the "Birch grove" with face value of 0.55 LVL (standard price for up to 20g letter to Europe). Second stamps is "Spruce forest" with face value of 1.20 LVL (standard price for registered letter to Europe). 150 000 stamps issued for both types. 

Here you can see how FDC for this issue looks like and also the first day cancellation. I have here registered FDC sent on the day of issue. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rose from Latvia / 2011

Today new stamp was issued in Latvia. This time it was second stamp from new series of flowers. Last year there was first stamp with peony on it and this year we have rose. 

As you can see it is a four stamp block. The same as for peony. Below you can see how the First Day Cover of this stamp look like. In the picture it is with the special first day cancellation on it.

Special first day cancellation of this rose you can see below:

There are now 1 000 000 stamps available with picture of this rose. Face value of this stamp is 35 santims which is the current domestic B priority letter up till 20grams cost in Latvia. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two 2011 stamps from USA

Cover form USA with two stamps issued in 2011. Also nice cancellation and definitive stamp from year 2003.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Do you like this cover? I do. Another nice cover received from the member of CCCC.